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BioAmp v1.5#

Small-size portable biopotential amplifier with a no code setup for non-invasive EMG recording!


It is a small size portable biopotential amplifier with a no code setup to record and listen to your muscle signals (EMG) non invasively. The best part is that it doesn’t require any microcontroller (like Arduino) to sample the signal. You just plug a 9V battery into the board, electrodes to the body, and an audio jack to a mobile/laptop, and you are ready to record signals from muscles (EMG) using audacity or Backyard Brain’s spike recorder app.


Features & Specifications#

Minimum Input Voltage

7-9 V

Input Impedance

10^7 ohm

Fixed Gain



EMG (Electromyography)

No. of channels



3 (Positive, Negative, and Reference)


5.0 x 3.0 cm

Open Source

Hardware + Software


Images below shows a quick overview of the hardware design.

PCB Front


PCB Back


Assemblying the kit#

You can get your own Bioamp v1.5 bag of parts from our store or Tindie or the step by step guide below.


Step 1 - Bare Board#


Step 2 - 100K Resistors#


Step 3 - 2.2K Resistor#


Step 4 - 1K Resistors#


Step 5 - 220K Resistors#


Step 6 - 10K Resistors#


Step 7 - 100nF Capacitors#


Step 8 - 1nF Capacitors#


Step 9 - JST PH Connectors#


Step 10 - IC Socket#


Step 11 - IC#


Step 12 - Power LED#


Step 13 - 47uF Capacitors#


Step 14 - Switch#


Step 15 - Headphone jack#


To measure the EMG signals, just connect BioAmp Cable v3 with the hardware as shown in the image below, and get started.


Using the Sensor#

Some project ideas#